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I thought about it today because the one Hot Wheel guy brought a retail bag over to the Star Wars guy's car before they approached the door for "the waiting." They glanced my direction (could have been at the door - but you know me and my paranoias), and though I suppose it wasn't my business, I asked what was in the bag when they approached. They wouldn't tell me and joked that it was "crack." I didn't get upset (visibly) but I just instinctively thought to myself, "clandestine toy deal."

Any ideas what's up?
I think you hit the nail in the head: They were making a deal. They probably agree to help each other find stuff. I think Hot Wheels collectors probably do that a lot.

Some of the HOt Wheels guys are pretty paranoid. There's this one guy who always rushes to the little cars aisle even when I'm the only collector there. At this point he has to realize I don't give a crap about his little cars. I feel like saying, "Relax grandpa, I'm walking to the Star Wars section!"

Then when he gets there, I can hear him knocking all those little Hot Wheels off the pegs. And some of them will step out of the aisle and look toward the front of the store, I think to see if any "rivals" are coming. It's like a race against time with these guys.

Unfortunately, I'm starting to realize that if I'm one of the only Star Wars collectors there at opening, chances are nothing's on the pegs. I think some collectors and scalpers call before the store opens.