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I'm hoping that the Luke is NOT the same as the CIV exclusive.
I hope it is. I also hope that R2 and C3p0 get released on a regular card as well. The different coin that comes with the CIV exclusives could be enough to set it apart from the general releases.

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When, in recent U.S. history, has there been an exclusive that has been the same figure as a basic release figure?

(European Saleucami Trooper & European VOTC Vader don't count)
I guess that all depends on your perspective. Half of all the figures in the order 66 packs are straight repacks, the other half are just repaints.

The same goes with the Felucia pack.

I know you qualified your statement by saying "recent...history," but the Luke Skywalker figure they gave away in theaters with the rerelease of ROTJ SE was just a straight repack on a slightly different card.

Basically, if they do release these figures as both exclusives with a "unique" accessory, and a general release, then Hasbro has covered their rear-ends. We can't complain about not having access to figures and the people who go to the conventions get their exclusives.