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Hey Toonimator, hook a buddy up with those McFetts, will ya?
Sure! I can only part with one though, the other's for g/f's son. I'm at Target at 8am pretty much every day lately so that's the best time to meet up Weekends are more flexible of course!

After another DS Trooper for fodder, I'll have had my fill of Wave 2 for awhile. Fett's the only other figure right now I've got definite custom plans for and will get a couple more for sure... had some ideas of mixing Fett parts with McStormie parts to create an elite squad for him in his role as Super Stormtrooper, in addition to making KOTOR-era and Saga-era Mandalorians. Hopefully he'll be in rotation all year! Extra Lukes, Hans, and an extra Honor Guard for an Indiana Jones custom can wait!