Funny thing today was there were 3 V-wings (I bought 2) and NO Sith Infiltrators. If you looked at the quality issue, it should be the other way around. But I'm so happy with this ship I own 4 of them now. I hope I'm satiated. Now I have to find pilot figures, firespeeder pilots, and astromechs to catch up with all of this.

Just when I thought I was going to cut back on Star Wars... (technically, that is still true - but I don't see more new vehicles being released in the next few months at the very least).

I also bought a Saga2 C-3PO with interchangeable head since I was never thrilled that the Illum Battle Pack came with a gold C-3PO instead of the AOTC version. My store had 6 pegs of Saga2, 2 pegs of TAC, with the only TAC being 1 Mace and 1 R2D2.