At about 2:30-3, I decided to go by Toys R Us and they'd just stocked the new Comic 2-packs. I bought 2 Quinlan Vos.

Then I decided to push my luck and let my greed get the better of me. I got 2 more at the next Toys R Us. While I was there a guy came in and bought all the rest (Luke & R2s, Obi-Wan and Alphas) and a lot of the collecting tins and Tantive IV battle packs. I don't know that he was, but he looked like a scalper for doing that! I was glad I'd beaten him by only 10 minutes or something. (I was sticking around because I'm friends with an employee or several there and we were having a conversation. I usually get stuff and fly with it so no one takes unpurchased product out of my hands. I stayed out of that guy's sight so he wouldn't ask, "Oh can I have one of those?" If a kid was looking for them - fine. I'd be the first to share. But this guy looked like a scalper.

Anyway, I now have 6 Quinlan / Villie 2-packs and only need 2 more (or 1 complete shipment's worth). I seem to get all of them that hit the central stores in San Diego County.