Jody, he's been absent since your encounter. You haven't missed much at Target though, Monday was the only day for new stuff this week.

Silver Surfer looks to be a 1-per-case figure, too. Way to go, Hasbro! Keep up with Toy Biz' ridiculous assortments, just like the now-absent Marvel Legends (who makes THOR a chase figure?! Even if he is in his goofy Asgard-ruler outfit). Even though the two Human Torch figures are pretty good this time (unlike Toy Biz' efforts on the first film), they're gonna sit there almost as long as the crappy Reed & Thing figures. Doom looks awful, but may eventually move well as people realize he's in the film. I'm still a bit sore over Toy Biz' FF Classics line which had a great Wave 2 that nobody saw outside comic shops, pretty much, because of all the stupid Torches & Reeds clogging TRU's pegs.