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McFett has left the building!!!

He is once again sold out.
He was around for a surprisingly long time though.

Now, if that would only happen with the McTroopers. I want one to open.

On the "Just Found" front, not that anyone gives a bleep about what is found in the San Gabriel Valley, I found another Saga Legends AOTC clone at Rosemead Target. I have not seen any evidence TAC 3 has been stocked there.

Baldwin Park Target has had Saga Legends, but I have not seen any evidence of TAC 3 there, and I've checked on their DPCI machines. Nothing there.

Baldwin Park Wal-Mart continues to have a ton of old Saga figures, so I cannot even imagine them hanging ANY TAC whatsoever. They see to stock the comic packs fairly often though.

West Covina K-Mart and K-Mart in Rosemead have carried TAC 3, but all I've seen are Vaders.

You guys in the San Fernando Valley seem to be swimming in slightly if not a lot more Wave 3 at this moment.