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Yeah, that blaster is nice and those others are indeed crappy! Does the Luke version of the blaster have that coil on the back the way this Jawa one does though?
Nah... Luke's ESB blaster was virtually identical to Han's ESB blaster except (according to partsofsw.com) for detailing on the side opposite the scope. For action-figure purposes, Hasbro should just make 1 new mold and use it for BOTH characters. I got the WEG RPG books in the early 90s (yet never played! no SW uber-geeks in my area) and saw the prop & wondered "who had the Han Blaster with a coil?!"

PartsofSW said a couple Imperial Officers in ANH had 'em, namely the "TK-421 why aren't you at your post?" guy and his buddy. Not Jawas.

The handle's a little short for figures without trigger-fingers, but it's still great. Far better than the DL-44s we've had for the past several years.

I checked out my 2nd Stormie last night, his legs are narrower than the one at work, about the same as my VOTC Stormie (which has yellowed quite a bit!). Helmet's also looser on the head. DSG head is too big for the TAC neck, Comic Luke's head fits fine of course but the TAC helmet's sturdier than the Comic one so I didn't dare force it all the way on.

I skipped the stores today since I realized I'd be late and thus it'd be pointless... anything good?