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I stashed a Hawkman pack at Burbank Target. This one looks just as dead as the last! They're getting lots of Deluxe Transformers in finally, but I guess only had the new wave once earlier in the week, where someone I didn't recognize grabbed 'em (Commtech saw him, too). Weird how new people show up only when new stuff is out, then never again.
Yeah, that guy beat me to the pegs and took the new bumblebee. I thought he was going for Star Wars or something else. I had never seen him before either. It's ok though, I'm sure we'll see a bunch pretty soon. Plus, I needed a few more "old" bumblebees for friends in Mexico that I'm hooking up with (they don't get this stuff over there).

I found the unleashed prime yesterday at 6pm (weird) at TRU Burbank. That thing is sweet but very expensive (29.99) but I still had to buy it.