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FIGRIN: I snaggle-toothed the Ewoks with free shipping. So I won't need them now, as probably no one here will with this HTS opportunity if they log on and check the forums while they're still in stock.

Darn thing doesn't have the last remaining figures I need:

4 Training Clones with snap-on armor
1 Jango from his apartment on Kamino
2 red Naboo trooper guys

And if they ever get the Leia Starkillers in before Figrin sends me the 2 he got me, I'll be able to avoid shipping and get a discount. But it looks like Waves 6 & 7 are going up. I don't know if we'll see more of Wave 5, 7.5, or Wave 8.
Tycho, duly noted.

McHan was just up on HTS. Act quickly!

Now if only I can find 1 Voolvif, 1 Jango, 1 Padme, 1 McRebel, I can call it quits on SW figs for the year.