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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    FIGRIN: I snaggle-toothed the Ewoks with free shipping. So I won't need them now, as probably no one here will with this HTS opportunity if they log on and check the forums while they're still in stock.

    Darn thing doesn't have the last remaining figures I need:

    4 Training Clones with snap-on armor
    1 Jango from his apartment on Kamino
    2 red Naboo trooper guys

    And if they ever get the Leia Starkillers in before Figrin sends me the 2 he got me, I'll be able to avoid shipping and get a discount. But it looks like Waves 6 & 7 are going up. I don't know if we'll see more of Wave 5, 7.5, or Wave 8.
    Tycho, duly noted.

    McHan was just up on HTS. Act quickly!

    Now if only I can find 1 Voolvif, 1 Jango, 1 Padme, 1 McRebel, I can call it quits on SW figs for the year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gambitguru View Post
    thanks commtech for the heads up on the mcsnowies
    i got 10 but had to do multiple orders, limit is two, it came to about $60.50. come do think of it i should of have gotten 10 more. if it comes up again im going for it
    LOL! You are a McSnowie addict, Gambit!!

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    Target Manhattan beach: Found some goodies today. Picked up the only Hawkbat clone, Holo Vader, and a 7th Legion trooper. Left a pair of Vanguard rebels and Bonkiks. They also finally set up their endcap with the tie bombers and the Arc-170 repaints.

    I stashed another 7th Legion trooper and an R2-B1. PM for da details.

    Edit: Just noticed my Hawkbat doesn't have the black line on the forehead. Darn it.

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    Going to Disneyland tomorrow- gonna pick up the new Indiana jones 7" figure.

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    I stashed some Cars at Los Feliz thinking that Speck might need them but I guess not. Anyhow, they were Dinoco Helicopter, Andretti and Cartrip. PM me if you want them.

    Darkagent, I guess I took too long to get to the stash you left for me but no worries since I found most of those cars at other stores.

    I stopped by Eagle Rock Target since I hadn't been there in about a month and a half...nice to know that it's still pretty bleak for SW figures. La Brea is slightly better as they've sold most of the pegwarmers and got in the TC-14 assortment.

    Glendale Lego store has some of the new SW sets - AT-AP plus the Stormie and Rebels army builder packs. I bought one each of the latter two.

    I finally found the JLU Grodd set at La Cienega Target. There were still 2 sets when I left and they're still not scanning in the system.

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    If anyone finds wave 5 of the 25th GI JOEs please please please stash for me!!! [FONT=Arial] Blade Destro (gold head), Crimson Guard, Snow Job, Sgt. Flash.

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    Wave 5??? I haven't even seen wave 4 yet!

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    Yes wave 5 has been found in AZ!

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    my want list: 2 mcrebel troop
    wave 5 of GI JOE

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    Actually, I found Joes w5 last night. I was very surprised to see them...very nice set. WAY better than w4 which is basically a bunch of carded figs from the Multi-pack. The best part is the Crimson Guards are 2 per case.

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