I picked up those DCU figures Manta, Aquaman, and Harley. Left Superman for now, but I'm sure I'll get him eventually.

I also took the sole IM Mark I... and you know what? Kinda crappy. I looked at the figure & the cardback & saw ball-hinge elbows & knees, and didn't look carefully... because of the way it's sculpted, the elbows have about as much range of movement as ROTS Chewie's, only the arms are straighter. The waist only turns a little bit due to the sculpting of the backplate, but I guess he doesn't need to swivel very much at the waist anyway. The knees don't bend much, but enough for a couple poses. If you turn 'em 90 degrees they bend more, which basically means you can prop one foot up on the other knee for a 'casual talk-show-interview' pose for Iron Man. I'm now thinking I should've just grabbed Iron Monger or the Mark II instead! (only 1 of each as well, BTW).

No new SW there. PLENTY of room for a couple TFU cases if they get 'em in. Only Buzzers and w1 packs on Joe pegs.

Side note: Hasbro is really bizarre with head-sculpts on packaging. Prototype IM's Tony-head on the actual toy looks like RDJ, but kinda 'plain', not a very detailed sculpt. The one on the cardback is more detailed but not as good a likeness. On their Spec Spidey toys, pretty much EVERY figure's head is wildly different on the cardback, not matching Cheeks' designs at all. Those, at least, don't make any sense whatsoever.