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I also got an Indy figure from Disneyland yesterday. They were plentiful even during the evening so it looks like the window of opportunity for the scalpers has come and gone.
Weird! I went the next day, still plenty and I also bought one, but it's weird that you went Thursday and I went Friday, and then I also have a friend who went Saturday.

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Stopped in burbank mall b/c I couldn't resist Dairy Queen (there's only like 5 in all of LA!) so I went to KB.
Dude, good guess, there's exactly 5 of 'em within a 25 mile radius of Hollywood. 9 in a 50 mile radius. (I chose Hollywood because I live here and there USED to be one at Sunset & La Brea).

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The acrylic car display case I found at TRU has been discontinued- dangit!
Rats, I've been putting off buying 'em for years, I have 3 cars I want to stuff in 'em actually. WM only carries the smaller 1/24th scale boxes, they're worthless. I don't wanna risk getting them in the mail because they crack somewhat easily, a lot of the ones I've seen at TRU lately are busted.

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Damn. Does the La Brea Target tend to get better stock in than the other stores in the area? All the Target's I've been to lately have been completely wiped out on figures. I'm still debating if it is worth it to drive from one end of LA to the other for a couple of figures. Ugh!
No, that store is incredibly hit-or-miss and often picked over too fast. Target in general has been a bit of a letdown with SW stocking.

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I went there today for the heck of it. I don't think I'll bother with that store again. Meh!
Thanks for confirming my gut feeling, since I started driving last year that's pretty much the only Wal-mart I won't go to, and I'm sorry you had to go instead but at least we have good intel now.

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Saw the four new Hasbro 12" Indiana Jones figures today at Walmart. If I had to think of one word to describe them, it would be: junk.
Another gut reaction of mine confirmed, thanks!

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One good reason to go: Ship to store feature of the walmart.com website. That's how I intend to collect their exclusives, because I'm certainly not going hunting there.
Unfortunately, some of their exclusives don't make the site, but you make a good point anyway.

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Just read on one of the Hasbro Q&As that this years UGH, the "1st Day of Issue" will only be in the first wave of figures released on 7/26. That's really going to sux even more for anyone attending SDCC.
It's actually worse than that, it's UNLIKELY that the majority of midnight madness figures will actually have those stickers because it's the figures sent out intending to be shelved on that date, but Hasbro always early-produces and then ships later cases that also hit stores at that time, and the cases are "first in, last out" at most of the retailers, so for the first few weeks it's going to be a battle to get 'em. I don't personally care except for how it affects my fellow collectors. SDCC is going to be difficult for us collectors because the figs come out midnight preview night, and the X-files movie also comes out at that time.