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    What are the early bird clone troopers?

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSnags View Post
    Stopped by Fry's this morning and picked up all 3 of the Wave 1 Indy 2-packs. It took me almost 15 min to find one of each with a decent paint app. I'm not a "Needs to be a perfect paint app" kinda guy, but the paint apps were HORRIBLE on 90% of them. Most of them were either cross-eyed or one eye looking forward/one eye crossed. Just terrible.

    I already ordered this wave (along with all the other Indy stuff) from HTS for 20% off and free shipping, so I'm saving my Fry's receipt just in case the stuff that shows up from HTS have paint apps as crappy as the majority of the ones I saw today. If they do, I'll use my Fry's receipt to return 'em.

    Not sure if anyone here has found them yet (I think Jody mentioned he has come across them), but does anyone see a sloppy paint app problem with the basic Indy figures? I was really looking forward to them...hope they don't look "rushed" as most of these figures did.

    They also had the 12" Indy figures, but I already weighed in on those. They are terrible. To say Hasbro is not trying to appeal to collectors with the 12" line is an understatement.

    Also, my "early bird" Clone Wars Clone Troopers arrived today from Hong Kong (via Ebay). Very cool figures - looking forward to getting more (but not looking forward to the feeding frenzy at SDCC when they're finally put on sale).

    They are all pretty ****ty on the paint apps... I bought all 3 cases and I've got to say that Hasbro has a big problem painting eyes on these things... pretty sad but hopefully they will improve on these.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    What are the early bird clone troopers?
    The ones that were "appropriated" (most likely stolen) by a Hasbro factory worker in Hong Kong and sent to Blue Snag HQ.

    I'll post a pic if you're interested in seeing the troopers.

    Quote Originally Posted by JodyB View Post
    They are all pretty ****ty on the paint apps... I bought all 3 cases and I've got to say that Hasbro has a big problem painting eyes on these things... pretty sad but hopefully they will improve on these.
    Crap. That's what I was afraid of. Thanks for the info, bro.

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    As far as Indy stuff goes, I'm going to try real hard to avoid toys altogether and focus on high-end stuff, the Disney figure being the exception.

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    I have an extra DC Universe Aquaman (Short hair) If you want it PM me!

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    Sepulveda Target has made space for the new Indiana Jones toys - quite a large space, actually. Nothing on the shelves yet, tho. Gotta wait until the 1st!

    Today I saw something I never saw before: Headphones... without his headphones! He was carrying some wrestling figures over to a cart which was being manned by a large white-haired guy. As soon as he saw me wandering over from the automotive department, he grabbed the cart and ran down the pre-school aisle, followed by his friend. They remained in a corner with their backs to me while I checked out the action figure aisle. I know this is being redundant, but I swear there's something wrong with that guy. I mean REALLY wrong with that guy - in a "I kinda feel sorry for him" sort of way.

    Anyway. That's all I got for today.

    - J

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    Target Redondo beach Galleria had some indiana Jones basic figures. A german soldier and 2 indian looking dudes. Articulation on them seemed to be pretty good.

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    Stopped by Burbank K-Mart during lunch today and saw they had put the new Indy Adventure Heroes out. They actually looked pretty cool - first Indy item I've seen that I've been impressed by. Ended up snagging the Indy/Marion, Indy/Cairo Swordsman and Indy/Tribal Warrior sets. There was one of each set on the pegs, along with Indy/German Mechanic, Sallah/Mummy and Belloq/Ark.

    Regarding HEADPHONES, he definitely has a few screws loose. I've always assumed he was getting disability checks from the government (or welfare checks) and he was scalping on Ebay under the table for some extra money. It's a safe bet that he doesn't have a regular job and he couldn't possibly make his living from scalping on Ebay alone...could he?

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    Perhaps Headphones didn't have a connection with Batteries today?
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    between 2 targets I found 3 K-troop. Hooray!

    If you want an instant SA 501st army, go to La Cienega TRU. They had plenty.

    Culver City TRU - had an overload of saga legends too, only with some wave 7.5 sprinkled in. Had some Pax and r2-b1s.

    CC target - usual wave 7.5 and SL garbage. Traces of TFU wave though with Juno. They had a few premium leader class Megatrons, no good GI Joe, new Hulk figures (really boring) and some new Indy reg. figs and galactic hero style 2 packs. Looked cool, but not going to collect them. They had a Cairo swordsman, Rash beulle (can't rem. spelling) and a Marion w/frying pan.

    This 3 month SW drought is going to be painful. And it's not like SL wave 5 will hit heavy saturation either. If it ever did we'd see about 20 Zevs and 1 or 2 Neyos if we're lucky, sprinkled in.

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