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Saw for the first time the formerly exclusive blue and green jedi starfighters for Obi-Wan and Anakin respectively. I know a lot of you are ****ed you paid scalper prices, but I'm actually frustrated I paid retail for the exclusives and had to re-buy the crappy Obi-Wan and Anakin they packaged in there. But not so frustrated I'll fault them for re-releasing them. I hope they do that with more exclusives, like the Neyo speeder bike pack I missed out on because it was a Wal-Mart exclusive. I hate Wal-Mart and their filthy exclusives.

Speaking of Neyo, since I did miss out on that speeder bike pack, I'm really looking for a Neyo SL figure. If anyone finds one, know that at least *I* am looking for a stash. And since I'm not collecting anymore of these waves until Clone Wars hits, and I got my vaccine against Indy-fever, that's all I'm looking for for the next couple months.
What is a "Neyo SL" figure?