Finally found a Jungle Cutter at CC TRU. They had a cart infront of the SpeedRacer stuff with Hulk, Speed R., and IJ figs,.. with one IJ vehicle asst. box. I ripped into it as soon as the coast was clear.

La Cienega TRU & Target had a few Indy figs & TFU SW

CC Target had the same

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Still no luck finding the IJ Cargo Truck or Troop Car in the Burbank area... was going to hit the Burbank and NH Targets tomorrow morning. If someone happens to see them, grab onto one of each for ol' Net?
I wish I had known -1 hour ago!!! The only other vehicle there at CC TRU was ONE Indy cargo truck,.. call them and tell 'em to hold it for you.

*edit* CC TRU also had SW comic two packs. They had that Crimson Guard two pack, wasn't that a starwarsshop exclusive?