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Burbank Target had lots of new Joes this morning at 8:30am.

I found a stash of Hot Wheels, so I scattered them back to the HW aisle.

Some large dude approached me in the SW section and told be that there were two "black coins" yesterday and some "gold coins". At first I didn't realize what the F he was talking about, then I laughed at him. I wonder if he ever new about them "silvers". He asked me if the Joe's were worth a lot.

I hate how so many people (cashiers included) think that buying toys is all about making a quick buck on ebay.
I like how these goofs think they're going to "get rich" from scalping figures on Ebay, but yet they all still dress like homeless people and are driving cars that look like they're held together with scotch tape. So much for "getting rich."