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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    Burbank Target had lots of new Joes this morning at 8:30am.

    I found a stash of Hot Wheels, so I scattered them back to the HW aisle.

    Some large dude approached me in the SW section and told be that there were two "black coins" yesterday and some "gold coins". At first I didn't realize what the F he was talking about, then I laughed at him. I wonder if he ever new about them "silvers". He asked me if the Joe's were worth a lot.

    I hate how so many people (cashiers included) think that buying toys is all about making a quick buck on ebay.
    I like how these goofs think they're going to "get rich" from scalping figures on Ebay, but yet they all still dress like homeless people and are driving cars that look like they're held together with scotch tape. So much for "getting rich."

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    No I think that scalpers either can't get any other job, or have some mental issue for why they won't - or they simply don't make enough money in whatever position they are currently employed in - so they add whatever extra income they can.

    A scalped Hot Wheel is perhaps one more movie ticket they couldn't afford before.

    They probably have a marginal interest in toys to begin with. If they deny the hobby to themselves in favor only of scalping, they are probably repressing their urge to have a collection themselves.

    If they do collect and can't afford it, they are trying to fund their hobby off the backs of other enthusiasts.

    None of them should think they are going to get rich. If you get $50 for a $.99 Hot Wheel that's rare or something - it's a great profit - but it's no lasting one. They also don't ship enough treasure hunts or whatever to sustain you making a decent living that way.

    That's why a scalper with ONLY that going for him drives a beater and dresses poorly.

    A poor collector who hoardes might be mistaken for a scalper however. They just can't afford anything beyond spending everything they've got on toys. When they wake up, life will have passed them by.
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    Sean the Hutt
    I am so tired of socal hoarder scalpers, you are very insightful Tycho. While we are at it ,can we stop all the stashes? I am legally blind, its hard enough to find figures and I am tired of going to stores only to find 2 year old more stashes, and wal mart san marcos, somebody at your store is ripping you off. I rarely see anything bit the same 20 saga peg warmers...for the last 6 months!
    I am getting older and am definitely losing interest. with gas prices so high I feel like a jerk just wasting gas on toys. I am going to go online for stuff now. plus I am just collecting what I really want...ships. Hasbro...Lucas, you are losing your core collectors I think. you are losing me anyway
    May used to be a big toy month, but due to economy or whatever, it is quiet on the toy front. over the years it has been an interesting lesson in economics. and national economies. Toy shelves can tell you a lot about the state of a nation economically

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean the Hutt View Post
    Toy shelves can tell you a lot about the state of a nation economically
    What, that people are still blowing every cent they have on toys? I mean that's all I see. Most of you guys here at SSG buy anything. It seems if there's no SW you can't stand to leave without something so you buy crap like IJ, GH, Joes and TF.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars View Post
    What, that people are still blowing every cent they have on toys? I mean that's all I see. Most of you guys here at SSG buy anything. It seems if there's no SW you can't stand to leave without something so you buy crap like IJ, GH, Joes and TF.

    Even though I don't collect GI Joe, I admire the fact that they are really nice figures with great retro packaging. Transformers (from the movie) suck to high heaven- but I can see why Indy is selling now, because it probably will fade fast after the summer. Rumors of Indy 5 with Shia scare the S out of me though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sean the Hutt View Post
    Toy shelves can tell you a lot about the state of a nation economically
    Bitter much? Be glad you aren't in L.A. Sean. Sounds like you need to quit the hobby altogether, since it sounds like you are pretty miserable about it. Online is pretty much the best way to go anyway, and has been for almost two years now. You don't have to go retail- but you also can hook up with other collectors for help. Stashing is a bit desperate and immature, but having been both the beneficiary and the benefactor of this method, I can honestly say that it's really a karma kind of thing- I help others and they help me from time to time. Our L.A. network is really cool and makes the hobby so much more enjoyable.

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    Interesting stuff to comment on:

    1) I'm still buying stuff, but not hunting at all. I have other things to do and enjoy my sleep. But I like the Hot Wheels guys who I think are more collector-types than scalpers who go to my Target, and "the morning meeting" is kind of social. Then either before or after, I also make a Starbucks run and read the newspaper. So it does get me out of the house and having something to do. I also keep a list of regular household supplies I need (Kleenex, Q-tips, juice, whatever) so I take care of it at the same time, reducing my gasoline I use). Now that I'm not army building, using Hasbro Toy Shop has been much more convenient, and with discount codes, I'm not really paying shipping too often. Plus even when I do, it's cheaper than gasoline spent, especially on unsuccessful hunts. I think I actually miss the excitement of those hunts, comradery, etc. but most things eventually come to an end.

    2) Forgotten stashes will back up ordering. The business models of these stores are set up to operate independently of having to trust employees who are not valued or respected. The computer registers SALES and re-orders more inventory: Saga Legends, TAC, whatever. Some inventory order systems (Wal-Mart) are set up better than others. But customers inevitably screw with their systems anyway, messing up how efficiently they function. Stashing inventory is one of these ways. If stuff remains hidden, it might be registered as an inventory loss at one point, and orders in general are decreased in the computer - by a percentage - to offset a loss in that department if they think the product is being stolen often. Instead, old figures are under the floorboards for the shelves or hidden behind the fertilizer in another department.

    3) Have a credit card and some self-control. First, if you don't max it out and pay off your charges, you can actually buy stuff for other folks here on the forums, meet them, make friends in person, and so forth while you trade. I know with folks' schedules, that's not always possible, but you could have "a trading day" every couple of weeks or so. Interest is not charged on most credit cards where it affects you until beyond 30 days.

    Also, if you want to buy a pile of pegwarmers "for your Lushros Dofine Army Builder Collection ) you can. Then wait a couple of weeks until new orders are flowing in, then return them. You can even do this for several years until the darn Jerjerrods or whatever you have to keep buying and returning eventually sell. People buy stuff they think are rarer: if there are 40 Imperial Officers on the pegs, everyone ignores them. If there are 3 or thereabouts, they think it's their last chance to get him and SALE. Hehehe. Then after you LEAVE THE STORE one morning, 3 more Imperial Officers are back on the pegs... (I wonder how that happened? ) But on a morning the following week, you find new figures that you didn't have before.

    Hiding pegwarmers in the store will NOT make the store order more to stock. If there is NOT stock in the back - it does absolutely no good. At the same time, neither does unclaimed stashes.

    4) Everyone here is getting older and losing some interest. We have most of the characters they could make in one incarnation or another. Lucasfilm is throwing Clone Wars at us - maybe a live-action show as well. If we've had enough of being marketed to, I wish LFL my best for their success with the next generation. The last figures I want we are voting for in MadSlantedPowers' polls. I wish to finish dioramas I want to create with what I've got already, and I cherrypick what I need for them out of the next new product that gets produced. That BMF Falcon is questionable for me even, as that thing was not on my want-list, but it's really tempting and probably a purchase.

    5) May is not the toy month, but July will be. May has been taken over this time by Indiana Jones. The Star Wars team had been working on that line, so they couldn't do 2 things at the same time. In this economy, Hasbro didn't think it wise to hire a whole new "Jones team," and thus it's now kind of a Lucasflim Project team.

    6) I too think people have this hoarding-collecting impulse and they have to buy something so they don't come home empty handed. Masters of the Universe is coming back (again) There you go. What if they bring back "Thundercats" or Voltron? GI Joe has a stronger following. Indy is cool and I am a fan, but I don't cave into having to have toy products. Now for me, I did have Transformers as a kid and I'm pretty much sold on those. I limit what I buy though - but Jango Speck wouldn't care for my taste in some of that line. Masterpieces and Alternators are what I loved the most about TFs however.
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    For the record: vintage Transformers are awesome, new Transformers suck. It comes down to plastic versus metal. And Megatron is a friggin' gun!

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    Any GI Joe stashes will be greatly appreciated!

    I especially could use a HISS Driver and Wild Bill as HTS is being really slow to put those up for preorder.

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    Sean the Hutt
    bitter? no not really, just making note of how collecting and econmoics can break a collector. age, plus cost of searching= less buying/ I can still afford to waste the money I am just choosing not to. Actually I would still spend the money, but no product...I don't do the daily or 3 times a week checks anymore. I live in Canada half the year, so that means I find less. I might be moving even further abroad, so yes quiting is certainly an option. I do not buy everything, but I did buy too much for a few years. I have been giving stuff to toys for tots, everyone wins. I just have been losing my looking around for figures is a drag sometimes especially when hunting all over the store.
    star wars friends...hmm most gave up collecting years ago, so around here i am the lone collector of my circle of friends
    I am old school, go to the store find cool toys great experience/high?
    buying online is just not as fun for me. So quit entirely, no I said I would just stick to a few large ships and figs I should be ok.
    Are people still buying as much it does not appear that way to me out there, Granted I don't seethe morning toy rushes so I don't know.anyway have a good one

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