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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars View Post
    Well I guess I will let you guys know that care, I had a Cat scan and got the results back on Friday. My tumor markers are normal and that means the cancer is gone and I'm cured, at least for now. The cancer and the ball n chain are gone so time to start my life over again.
    This is the best news I've heard in a long while. Congrats Turb! Seriously, it has crossed my mind many times over the past few months...

    Hey, I know I haven't posted here in a while. Kinda dropped from the Hasbro game after lo these many years. But I wanted to let all my old buds know....

    that I have also been busy building a new Star Wars site. It's the biggest Star Wars directory on the planet. Contests for free swag too. Make sure you guys use us to search for all things Star Wars!

    I hope you all find it useful and enjoy it! We're gonna have over 10,000 sites a year from now!

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    In spite of my loathing of Indy 4 (and it's 2nd week clowning by Sex and the City), I can't wait to get the Lego game for Wii tomorrow!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    I just stashed a Shadow Clone at La Brea Target yesterday. I actually forgot until reading your post.

    On Sat, Los Feliz TRU had quite a few shadow clones and stormtroopers so it's not like only Snags is finding them.
    I was working anyway, but i don't remember anyone posting about those finds Sat.

    don't worry speck, the 2nd week dropoff in box office gross for sex in the city will be far greater than Indy's 2nd wk. dropoff.
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    Burbank Target had some stuff today, got there a few minutes late, saw one guy walkin off with a basic figure (probably a Legends). Two Mygeeto BPs (along w/ 2 Bespin & Droid Factory), 2 Rancors. Rancor looks great!

    Picked up a Mygeeto set, and the Endor GH Cinema Scenes for 50% off. Probably only the 2nd time I ever saw that set. Box was kinda thrashed, but I'm gonna swap out the Luke for mine (mine has better paint) and just open it all up to give to my nephew. That seemed to be the last SW item at the clearance endcap... kinda wish I'd grabbed an Aayla fighter last week when they had 5 or 6 over there.

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    To all of you guys thanks a lot. The last 4 months have been the hardest days of my life, but since the results look promising it was worth every second. Tell you one thing it is weird being by my self. I always had a girlfriend or wife and now I'm alone and don't really know what to do with myself. I should be getting back to work soon, so that will take most of my time. Thanks again!

    Damn Toony, I was just in Burbank Sunday night!
    [FONT=Tahoma]I was born at night, but not last night.[/FONT]
    You Shouldn't believe everything that you read.
    (Like my posts)

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    C'mon Toony! I'm relying on you to nab that stuff !

    Hey... Sir Steve gave my site a plug on the home page. How cool is that? Very generous.

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    Just came back from Burbank Target. They had a case with the evo and jump trooper, damaged vader (which I took) and the shadow imperial guard.
    They also had Joes wave 8. I stashed a Tiger Force Flint, Roadblock, Baroness and Python Patrol Officer. Pm me if interested.

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    stash claimed!

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    Up late last night playing Lego Indiana Jones on Wii. Lots of fun- but I don't see myself getting anymore Lego games (they have a trailer for Lego Batman)- the concept is getting kind of stale.

    By the way, we know FU is coming to all platforms, but where's the announcement and release date for the big Indy game that they previewed like two years ago?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars View Post
    Damn Toony, I was just in Burbank Sunday night!
    As of yesterday, the stash was still there. So if you can get over there, grab it!!

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