You should get the pass. I had a buddy last year who registered late and still got one. I'll tell you though... they may start cracking down because at some point they'll realize they'd rather sell the tickets.

Hey guys... just wanted to let you know that's I've added an important new page at GalacticBinder this evening. It's a page for Star Wars coupons and discounts from across the web. (We figured... why not bind those together too?) This is something EVERYONE will want to use. We're going to be ruthless in keeping it up to date and as complete as possible. We'll be adding in plenty of stores and coupons as we find them or people send them in to us. And with gas being about a zillion bucks a gallon... ordering online gets more appealing every day instead of going out in the car.

If you know of anything I'm missing right now... PM me.

I hope it saves you some republic credits!