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    TFA Grimlocks, Lugnuts, Starscream, Megatron, Bulkheads, etc. at Burbank and Van Nuys Targets.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tycho View Post
    I'm just testing the time-date stamp on this thread. It's the only one that seemed to be out-of-whack.

    [Edit] seems fine to me, now. I think some knarly moderating was done in this thread before and that messed its continuity up.

    I may go to Target this morning. I have some other things I need to buy. I'm not sure what I'm going to do just yet.
    You would be mistaken, as usual, about the timestamp being due to any moderating. Not only is it not in the log, but there's no way to do it anyway.
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    Following the HTS server "upgrade", have any of you experienced strange things with your preorders? i.e. cancellations. I did email them to cancel some of the animated TF's I bought but not all of them. However, they cancelled everything but Grimlock. My Last Crusade Indy figures don't appear in my order status either. Furthermore, everything that I have on preorder (that didn't get cancelled) is due to ship 6/17 which I find hard to believe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    You would be mistaken, as usual.
    I am NOT mistaken "as usual." That was insulting. You watch and see: Michael Bay will be awarded the Nobel Prize and I predicted it here, first!
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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    Following the HTS server "upgrade", have any of you experienced strange things with your preorders?
    One of my GI Joe pre-orders placed on 4/11 is suddenly missing. It had all the vehicles on it too!!!

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    Found the Voyager Optimus Prime today at Burbank target. There were also a starscream, grimlock and megatron, but I just needed Prime. I was able to use the coupon when I combined Prime with the Transformers Animated DVD which was released yesterday. The cashier didn't mind that it wasn't a $25 minimum toy combination for the discount.

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    There was also a Lugnut there. I picked up Starscream, looks cool so far! Passed on Grimlock for now, waitin for a different Megatron and have no interest in Lug.

    So is the HTS 'upgrade' the reason the subcategories don't appear on the left anymore? It's a pain lookin for the animated TFs through 9 pages of ALL Transformers.

    Still nothing fun or new in the SW section... big surprise! I think they had the last Comic Pack wave (Luke/Deena, etc... which was MONTHS ago...) on one day only, maybe a couple more if i wasn't there and they sold out. If that.

    The LEGO aisle has the Target-exclusive TIE Crawler... and since it's so 'old' now it's outta the system. If only it was the Dwarves & Orcs set from the same time, I'd have gone for that to feed my Warcraft addiction.

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    I haven't been hitting the stores, but I did get the RAH Shocktrooper I ordered from yesterday. It's a freaking great looking figure, even better than the RAH 501st clone, but it's so expensive: $177 after taxes.

    I did buy only one of the Animated TF figures, the Voyager Starscream. I was slightly tempted to get the Megatron, but I passed. Montebello KayBees had a couple of Starscreams and Megatrons.
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    Wow, all my pre-orders but one got eliminated, too. Plus, I had fulfilled orders that have mysteriously disappeared. Motherfrakker! I'm suddenly glad I stopped by TRU to pick up the deluxes I ordered since it seems they won't be honoring my reservation.
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    I called HTS yesterday and was told that there are a lot of glitches in the new system and to check back for any missing orders. Low and behold, my missing order has reappeared this morning.

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