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    Target Exclusive Galactic Heroes Clearance

    Picked up another set of clearanced Target Galactic Heroes exclusive sets (Mustafar & Endor) today for $5 + tax each. I already have one set of each, so I'm offering them up here. First one to PM me gets them. Price will be $12 total.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MicroJow View Post
    Thanks for the tip, WS! I got a full set and had plenty to root through for the best paint jobs! They also had that CARS cube in the aisle, but it had already been rooted through for all the new stuff.

    - J
    My local Walmart also had that CARS cube and when I got there at about 6 am they had 3 yeti's 3 dale jr's 3 stacy's and about 8 Al Oft the lightyear blimp !! They also had G I Joe comic packs the one with Shipwreck (which is awesome) and the Storm Shadow vs Firefly !

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    Duarte WM has plenty of the SW exclusives (DF and comic packs).

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    Went to Burbank TRU at noon and found the full FU wave and a set of the last Legends. Grabbed my two shadow stormies. They have a lot more big wing Tie's now and loads of the new battlepacks.

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    In light of the BMF, I've wondered whether I should get some large winged TIEs and then maybe turn to eBay or wherever and get a properly scaled X-wing.

    I think the Falcon is special, and I just don't know about the rest. TIEs need electronics at one point or another!
    BAD Pts Need: R5-C7 lf leg (x2), , R4-P44 right leg BAD Pts Offered For Trade: PM me - I have lots of parts now including BG-J38!. New Kyle Katarn is also available.

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    Rosemead WM had dozens of every exclusive today. The cashier allowed me to take a display with my purchases.

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    Ordered a Animated Emperor Palpatine maquette from NFC last night and it has already shipped!

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    Saw Rancors and a set of Order 66 at Target this morning on the discount rack. Order 66 6.98 and Rancor 29.98.

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    Shadow Stormtroopers are available on

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    I got my SSC exclusive Smuggler Han yesterday... and broke his main blaster already. I think it's the way they packed it. When I went to put it back in the tray, the scope--already pointing down towards the barrel rather than parallel--broke off. The holster is pretty snug. Had to squeeze it and listen to tearing sounds of glue separating to get either gun in even partway; only got the main blaster in fully, didn't wanna risk the Cantina's skinny barrel snapping off like Bespin Luke's.

    Burbank Target was pretty good today! They've still got one Rancor left, $27.98. If not for space issues... hopefully we'll get an ROTJ Rancor just as good in the next couple years, after I've reorganized a bit. Picked up Blue Iron Monger and Titanium Man (bout time they put an Iron Man peg back out!), Mighty Muggs Hulk, and TFA Prowl (Lockdown was also sitting on a shelf, but Prowl was on the Fast Action Battler pegs). Can't wait to open him tonight & start fixing his flaws

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