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I just don't get it- even Yeti's eventually were easy to find, and the Mia/Tia twins (blue, red and gold). WTF is up with Flik and Flea? Most stores that carry Cars don't seem to be restocking the 2-packs very often. It's hard to believe there are so many new cars coming, yet most stores treat them as 2-year old leftovers.

Also, I found that TRU does still carry Iron Man- shocking! They had the new IronMonger with the guy inside, and some weird green Iron Man variant. For a movie that was so good, the toy line sure died fast. Hulk is even worse- I didn't even realize that movie had come and gone.
Speck, I wonder if stores are confused with how many kinds of Cars multi packs there are. TRU has those "Movie Doubles" which can easily be mistaken for "Movie Moments". Target consistently mixes Movie Moments with those mini car 2 packs as well as the car + launcher sets. In a way, it's similar to how the retailers mix Saga Legends with TAC.