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If I remember:

AOTC - Different TRUs did and did not get the Royal Guard, Luminara, and Taun We which was in later assortment 3 repacks. I think they got everything else.

ROTS - TRU did not have the ARC-170 and I had to get that at Target in the morning. They also didn't have the ARC-170 pilots and the figures that were packaged around that assortment.

It all worked out fine, because it was less I had to immediately worry about at that particular instant.

But you know: I had everything released within probably 8 hours and barely any driving as Toys R Us and Target were off the same freeway exit.

This time, I live around the corner from a Target, but Wal-Mart will be open at midnight and has the best prices.
Every time, Target and WM had later waves that TRU didn't.

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OK guys, all of my collection is going to Toys for tots either this week or the next. So if you need to fills any holes let me know. I will sell for cheap. I'm not going to give the stuff away to you guys because you all can afford it, but I rather kids get the stuf for free. So Crunchy get a hold of me so you can get your stuff.
WHOA!!! That is stunning. Are you not going to Comic-Con this year as well? I hate hearing about collectors kicking the habit... I mean, passing on the Force. (Yes, I know I'm like a lobster trying to pull you back into the trap, sorry .) If you don't mind me asking, what has precipitated this?

I'm looking for the 12" Jango Ultimate Villain, I think that's the only "hole" in my collection these days.