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    please anyone going by the Spawn/McFarlane booth, please pick up the exclusive card to order the Halo figures set from them. The card costs nothing. If the set needs to be bought during comicon, I'll paypal you immediately so there is no cost to you.


    I'm unashamed at my unabashed begging.


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    I went shopping with CrunchyNug last night. Wal-Mart was very low-key and everyone got along great - about maybe 12 people? They wiped their Falcons and AT-TEs out!

    I bought a huge ticket's worth, but got ALL my vehicles. I've been playing with my Falcon ever since.

    They had figures Legacy Waves 1 & 2 (ROTJ and Clone Wars realisitc) and Clone Wars Wave 1 (didn't buy) and Saga Legends - Waves Whatever.

    We did NOT see the Evolutions sets come out, or any Battle Packs.

    I got a new Galactic Heroes set with JarJar Binks, but did not see Slave Leia. They had other Prequel Heroes packs, but I wasn't interested in random Jedi and Clones.

    All in all it was a relaxed Mid-Night Madness and one of the most successful hunts imagineable. I'm sure Toys R Us was a circus with all the announcements going on about it at Comic Con. I was really glad I went to Wal-Mart instead (and saved money) and got to hang out with CrunchyNug, and at least one of my regular collecting buddies from San Diego.

    I think Crunchy was totally satisfied with his score (minus Evolutions) as well.

    We had an easy time of it and met other COLLECTORS and didn't have to deal with scalpers at all, I imagine.
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    Totally slept in and didn't even bother to go to Midnight Madness or anywhere before 7 a.m.--and still got everything I wanted, easily. Plenty of stuff at Target and Wal-Mart; got the Clone Wars Speeder Bike Recon battlepack at Rosemead Target(the clones look like gray coruscant clones; and a Hoth Speeder Bike Patrol). Saw the new Evolutions packs at Baldwin Park Wal-Mart but not interested in them.

    Skipped on all the big ticket items, like the AT-TE and Millenium Falcon. Mostly focused on clones and not too many of them. All in all, pretty relaxed and satisfied about how today went.
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    Los Feliz last night was a mob scene. But employees were very helpful. And kept bringing out box after box of figures. . .

    I am in the midst of renovating my apartment, so I only bought one thing. Yarna. And for a while I thought I was out of luck. . .But then some girl employee saw that I was empty handed and asked if I was looking for anything in particular. I told her I was interested in the ROTJ figs and she disappeared only to return with a box for me to look through. She was very nice. Very helpful.

    The Falcons were sure moving. As was that other huge prequel ship. The B-wing, too. Heck, all the vehicles were soaring off into the hyperspace that was peoples carts. . . Seeing that big Falcon box confirmed the fact that the moment I finish all my work and get my place back in order, the Falcon shall be my just reward.

    No "new" battle packs here either. And that bummed me out. As I totally would have bought that Hoth one with the probe, R5, and protocol droids.

    It was fun to see everybody so nuts over Star Wars stuff. Much larger crowd than I expected. And for the most part everybody was very polite.

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    Just got back from SDCC - had a pretty good time, despite the crowds. The toughest exclusives to score were the Blue Cobra Commander, the LEGO Indy set and the Pan's Labyrinth bust at the GG booth.

    Also, received my 2 Preview Captain Rex's in the mail today. One was completely smashed, the other was in good shape. Cool figure.

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    I got one of my preview Rex figures today.

    Mark2, there are quite a few Hoth battlepacks over at La Brea Target. I think I might've seen some at Glendale or Pasadena Target (I forget which one now).

    So Spanky was wondering where all of you guys were this morning.

    I missed Midnight Madness as I was exhausted from SDCC and so to make up for it, I hit a ton of stores today. Ended up with a few 1st Day issues (don't really want a set), everything from CW except Grievous (don't really want it) and everything from Legacy wave 2 except for Padme. Yarnas and the Ewok set were gone everywhere and the only Legacy wave 1 fig I got was Bane M.

    I also scored the Padme and Rebel Pilot (Ten Numb's set) Evo as well as a Plo Koon keychain from the Glendale Lego store. I've opened almost everything up already!

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    Burbank Target had Order 66 marked down to $2.48, Galactic Heroes down to $1.58 and Basic Figures at $1.66 today. Picked up a Juno Eclipse, 3x BARC Trooper /Howard the Duck, 1x Sev/Yellow ARC, 1x Anakin/Purple ARC and couple of Galactic Heroes sets. They still had some Order 66 and Galactic Heroes left if anyone is interested.

    Also picked up an AT-TE for $50 (thanks to the Hasbro Play Rewards) and a Slave Leia/Artoo Galactic Heroes set.

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    Thanks for the heads up on the Hoth packs. I will look for them tomorrow if I get a chance.

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    was in SD for the con. Went to MM at a local TRU with swspiffy from rebelscum and scored an AT-TE, 1st day Yarna, and all 3 Evolutions. (Used a xmas gift $30 giftcard too) Then we went to walmart and scored some wave 1 & a little CWs, and mid size vehicles. TRU was a zoo when everyone grabbed for figures up high - the mgr. imposed a 12 figure limit, which i thought was cool - i actually had a stranger pull the Yarna for me, then the Evo packs were lower rack & no one touched them, so i grabbed 2 new packs for swspiffy & the 3 new packs for me. Rebel pilots 2 & Imperial pilots aren't out yet. Fairly decent MM experience for a first timer. And don't want to make it too overt for the scalp crews but they had both kinds of fett so be careful. U guys'll be able to read between the lines i hope.

    from the con, i just got Disturbance pack and cobra commander. In a way it was good the exclusives were not that great this year b/c I was able to save $ for the MM stuff. My impulse buy was a reissue Roy Focker's Valkyrie fighter from Robotech. 1/55 scale. About as big as the G1 jetfire from TF. Robotech was my 3rd fave cartoon behind TF and Voltron.

    special shout to CrunchyNug - we used the 'DPCI' trick to get in on Fri - I'll let him tell ya about that.

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    Snagged Commander Fox x2, the Rebel Pilot Evo pack (Ten Numb version) and 2x Scuba Trooper this morning at Target.

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