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Let me explain things:

1) Your relationships and marriages will not last. Your kids will rebel against you and estrange themselves eventually. They'll come back finally when they're in trouble.

2) Your career will most likely never give you permanent satisfaction. There is always crap going on with the workplace because it most likely depends upon other people, and they all have other crap going on in their lives.

3) Buying a wave runner (use allowed only during daylight hours and when the weather's to your preference), training in martial arts (most fun when there are others hanging around at the dojo waiting for you to beat them up), or even watching TV (pathetic, considering most of your programming choices) are never as accessable or fulfilling as having a Star Wars collection to reference about while posting online, to inventorize when you get a chance to dig into stuff you got some satisfaction from buying, etc. Star Wars is available at all times, in any weather, and DOES NOT have to be a completist obsession that you guys stress over.

Your life is going to suck and then your health will decline - all of you. It's just happened to me somewhat earlier.

Right now, you have Star Wars. It offers you a few more options (versus say...suicide - I have "my plan" just in case). You will always have Star Wars and it could be every bit as accessable as you need it to be.

Give it up - and you are more of a loser, your life sucks more, and really, you can buy a handgun and ammo with a credit card if you want to "do yourself in" anyway.

But I've considered this: we're also ALL going to die. Might as well take the perks you get here and now - and Star Wars is one of them or you wouldn't be here.

Don't give up your collection. You won't have anything else. Instead, enjoy it and adapt it to be that much less stressful (for you obsessive completists).

It's not worth crap as an investment and most of us on this site have everything you could offer anyway, but TO YOU, if you let it, your collection could be PRICELESS and it could SAVE YOUR LIFE as it saved mine.

That was meant to be inspirational, but with a possibly terminal illness, how inspirational do you expect me to be? C'mon guys. But I hope I made some sense.

I don't sense much sarcasm with your post Tycho.

I always thought that Star Wars was the dessert of life, not the main course of it. Yet your post suggests that collecting is everything, and life is secondary. Imagine we were all born 40 years before Star Wars. We simply would not have dessert. It would be a blander meal with not as much excitement. But if a cheeseburger was put on my plate dessert might not be as noticable as the meal.