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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    Is anyone going to see Clone Wars next weekend?
    Going on Friday (Arclight - 12:15PM) - good times ahead!

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    Got my tix for Friday at the Arclight also, but for the 10:00 PM screening.

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    HTS has pre orders up for legacy wave including Commander Faie at the moment

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchyNug View Post
    Got my tix for Friday at the Arclight also, but for the 10:00 PM screening.

    snags & crunchy - shoulda went for the 8:20p screening, Darth Anton is arranging a meetup for that time. although - arclight is kind of steep on tick prices. At least i have an excuse to bring my force fx saber to a movie, that is if they allow it in.

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    If anyone needs a DC Universe wave 3 Green Lantern and is willing to pick it up from me in Hawthorne , CA 90250 send me a PM. I have an extra.

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    Burbank TRU told me that they sold out of the Holo Grievous promo figures- can this be true? I thought the Holo Emperors lasted a lot longer than that- what a bummer. Anyone have an extra?

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    Los Feliz TRU is out of Holo Grievous as well.

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    For all of you First day freaks - La Cienega TRU had 5 Han Solo and a few Chewies. No hoth speeder bp. Had a few Wild Bills, SE, and cobra infantry.

    La Cienega Target - FD Battle droids and clone troopers, that's about it. This hunt was in the afternoon.

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    Holo Grievous available online (looks like stores are sold out):

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    Man I love when I can walk into a store at 4ish and buy what I want. Picked up Malar, Yarna, Ewoks and the Hoth BP. I'd like to build those droids, but the other pictures are horrible.
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