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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSnags View Post
    They shouldn't let him on a bus with regular people. Can you imagine if you had to take the bus and then Headphones sat next to you? That would suck.

    You would die from the stink. They should send him to war east as a weapon of mass destruction.

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    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    I found an MM Joker at Crenshaw WM, of all places!

    The one day that I don't go to Glendale Target and they have an Even/Yaddle.
    I went to Rosemead WM yesterday and also found a MM Joker !! Then I went back today and they had the BMF's on sale for 125.00 (I guess no ones buying them)

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    I saw the TRU Unicron for the first time at Alhambra today. They had 4 as of 45 minutes ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Maradona View Post
    I saw the TRU Unicron for the first time at Alhambra today. They had 4 as of 45 minutes ago.
    Why do they keep reissuing that figure?! Haven't they learned that it doesn't sell? I bought mine the first time it came out at 75% off on clearance and there were 5 more on the shelves left. This time and with this economy, it'll suffer the same faith all over again.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSnags View Post
    Found some TLC Wave 3 this morning at Glendale Target - picked up 2x Death Star Engineer, 1x Saluecami Trooper, 1x Holo Dooku (which I only bought for the droid part) and 2x Coruscant Clone. Still need Evan/Yaddle and Joda Kast.

    Also picked up some CARS: Lightning McQueen (Chase version w/bumper stickers), Leroy Traffik, Roman Dunes and Kathy Copter.

    Stashed a Saleucami Trooper and a Roman Dunes at aforementioned Target if anyone is interested shoot me a PM.

    Snags, I'm sending you a PM about those.

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    not true about the Culver TRU being a waste of time, I found multiple McQ Snowtroops there and other good stuff - I think it was gunships and arc-170s in abundance. At the culver Target I remember finding a few of the ROTS white joints Cmdr Bly, and a McStk Hero. Those are the few off the top of my head. This employee douche guy must be new, don't let that stop ya. And I'm not even as good as top pros like Bluesnags and Crunchy!!
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    TLC Wave 3

    Found a complete set of TLC Wave 3 at SC Target this morning. Valencia WM still has BMF for $150.00. Not sure why some WM's are selling them for $125.00. Nothing else in the SC area.

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    For those of you that collect JLU, I found The Question and the rereleased Fire/Ice packs today!!!! I have one Question stashed (at La Brea Target) so PM me if you want it.

    Glendale Target can no longer be called Deadwood as that's where I've been finding most of my Legacy wave 3. I only need Even/Yaddle to complete the droid from this wave though I passed up holo Dooku in favor of a K-Trooper with the same droid piece.

    Saw Hootie and Sanchez at LF TRU. Sanchez got a TF Acid Storm (ha, sucker.) but nothing else.

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    Found a Coruscant Landing Platform Clone at Glendale Galleria Target tonight. No sign of Saleucami or Yaddle.

    Has the Mighty Muggs 3PO hit stores again yet?

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    Picked up the Disturbance at Lars Homestead set today at TRU (Stevenson Ranch).

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