Found the Imperial Knights today at Glendale Target! Paint's a little iffy in spots, but pretty simple overall to touch up. Ganner's neck & hair are the biggest problems.

I'm already dreading the inevitable breakage of one of the blade pegs. If only Hasbro had made 'em one piece! I like 'em a lot... nice to finally have some LEGACY figures!

Cade/Talon weren't there... just these guys, 1 Leia/Mandie and 2 Purple Dengar packs (and the Luke/Deena that's been there for weeks). The Mandalorian with Leia (blanking on Tobbi or Fenn) looks somewhat decent besides the color & the tiny (and garishly colored) helmet. He's got a nice pistol, and makes a good basic Mandie if he gets a new coat of paint.