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    I got a Clone Wars Super Battle Droid and a Chase Lightning McQueen from Rosemead Target today.

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    I found....

    ...a Harbor Seal yesterday. Been taking SCUBA classes this month and I just got certified this weekend!

    Now maybe I'll have time to check the stores again for more droid parts. What else is out there right now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by stillakid View Post
    What else is out there right now?
    Here's a pretty good source for up-to-date info...New Stuff

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    I picked up the modified Luke/Deena CP at Wal-Mart, along with a discounted TAC Onith (mostly for an extra cantina piece for my 'round table'... the figure's just for spare parts). Really like the updated Deena, wish they hadn't taken so long to get the new head out to us. It IS a bit big, though; I tried swapping it with Infinities Jedi Leia (whose head is really super-tiny) and the two look ridiculous. Long-hair Jedi Leia's head is ALMOST decent for maybe an Admiral Daala, but the face in particular is so dang small... same with VTAC Endor Leia (which I tried on an Imperial Knight body of all things... TINY!) and Deena's head made the Leia body look like it had a form of dwarfism. Sadly, that WM had zip for exclusive-type stuff. TONS of 'old' comic packs, with 3 of the updated Deenas, and I think one or two Anakin/Durges & Anakin/Assassins. Nothin else, no Droid Factory 2-packs, no DCUC at all, no FFF Marvel Legends... just a ton of Bumblebee 3-packs (been planning to paint my Classics version just about the same as theirs, too!)

    They DID have a bunch of the latest Spec Spidey, but the GGs had paint issues. They also had the Legends-ish Classic Spidey series (whatever it is) with the 'new' SA spidey in red & black and the black-suit one with a launcher in his arm & blue highlights, which someone just reported finding swapped in the Red Hulk wave black-suit Spidey package. Sounds like a 'money-saving' swap

    Also went to a Target that still had $9.99 Marvel Legends tags. They had a whopping 3 figures total: Skaar up on the $14.99 Hulk pegs, Banshee, and Hercules. They also had a Clean Rex as evidence of some CW w2 activity. Every store I hit, any armored Obi-Wan I saw from TLC was Wave 3, which is kinda disappointing. Wave 2 hasn't had much play anywhere, it seems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchyNug View Post
    Here's a pretty good source for up-to-date info...New Stuff
    Haha. Snarky much?
    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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    Stillakid, that's awesome. I learned to SCUBA dive back during a program we had in high school, before I left California. I never completed my certification to dive on my own though. Actually, it really bothered me to breath only through my mouth, and on top of that, there's not any good places to dive in California - at least not that I've been to. (In the ocean anyway). The surf here is so strong, that it stirs up stuff in our water and makes visibility pretty bad.

    For his 1-year anniversary, my little brother and his wife are going to Hawaii in just about a week. I know from experience how nice and clear the water is there - and the sun shines and lights up everything really nice. Underwater photographers have a field day there (and the Caribbean as well).

    So I hope you enjoy your diver's certification and you'll now take it out-of-state where you can have a really great time with it.

    Since this is the Just-Found thread, please report to us immediately if you discover anything from Legacy Wave 4 under the water - or especially a Gungan Bongo Sub for the 3 3/4" figures which I've been wanting for years. You never know WHERE Hasbro might be hiding it!

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    Hey Tycho, there's plenty of good diving in La Jolla Cove- surprised you haven't been there. Catalina isn't bad either.

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    Stashed a few figs over at Smeagol Rock Target this morning:

    Clone Wars Pilot Oddball
    Clone Wars Super Battle Droid
    Clone Wars Captain Rex (clean variant)
    Legacy Jodo Kast

    If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM.

    [FONT=Arial Narrow]

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    Hey Tycho, there's plenty of good diving in La Jolla Cove- surprised you haven't been there. Catalina isn't bad either.
    I usually don't go in the water without my surfboard or a jet ski. I'm into ocean sports, but just not too comfortable with SCUBA diving. Maybe that will change in the future (I hope so - I want to swim with sharks and try that tantric thing with them - but not without instruction from that famous diver that does this - Shark Man or whatever he's called, from South Africa or Australia I think.) But right now with my dialysis catheter, I can't go in the water or I'll get so ill I'll need hospitalization. But later on, because they place a transplanted kidney in the front, I may not be allowed to surf (since the board will be banging against me while I'm paddling). So I may very well have to take up some new outdoor hobbies. However, I will discuss surfing with my doctor and might also consider modifying my board with soft-padding to protect myself a little more in that area, versus what fiberglass constantly pushing up on me might do.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchyNug View Post
    Here's a pretty good source for up-to-date info...New Stuff
    You're always so good to me! Thank you!

    Oh, I still have that stuff for you to go through if you'd like.

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