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    i'll buy that cody off ya commtech. lookin for him anyway. plmk

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    Quote Originally Posted by bikerscout View Post
    i'll buy that cody off ya commtech. lookin for him anyway. plmk
    pm'd ya!

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    Anyone going to tomorrow's Cars' Kmart event be warned: The Hot Wheels crowd is going to be there. I've been to the HW Kmart events and have seen how vicious these guys get. There're collectors who take their whole families just to get more chances at getting the exclusives and more quantities of them. One guy brought his wife, 4 kids and grandma (Which is why I'm taking my kid this time). Also, there's been verbal fighting between them and it's one of the stores with the most attendance to this kind of events. My advice is to get there early and if possible, bring a friend or family member to improve your chances in case they use a raffle system (which they always use for the HW event since there are never enough cars/cases). Good luck!

    Update: I just read on a couple of websites that these cars will be available elsewhere later on. I think I'm going to skip the event tomorrow.

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    Commtech, you think we don't know firsthand how vicious the HW'ers can get? It'll just be business as usual

    On an unrelated note, just think - it could've been Plumber Bob being prominently featured in the Presidential Debate and asking if ebay income is taxable.

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    So how did you guys do at the Cars event? How was it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Commtech View Post
    So how did you guys do at the Cars event? How was it?
    The Cars event at Fairfax/3rd K-Mart was fantastic!!!! Only 12 were there, including myself, and not a single member of our scalper database. I thought for sure that El Puerco would be there but he wasn't. Amazingly the manager told me that he got even less of a turnout for the Hot Wheel events.

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    Kmart in N Hollywood had, including myself, THREE people. I couldn't believe it. They still handed out tickets for the heck of it. I was the 2nd one called!!! They rolled out 6 cases, each of which contained 6 more smaller cases inside, totaling 36 cases in all. Needles to say, I had no problems getting everything I wanted. Great event.

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    Saw the new packaging for Cars today- glad I've stopped with that line- it just never ends with the repacks.

    Burbank TRU has their Toys for Tots bins out- so I guess I can go dig out my POTF and TPM figures from storage and start dumping them!

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    Burbank Target has the generator four pack with han, r-2, chewie and the white beard scout trooper. I stashed it if anyone is interested. Stash isn't really good, but it should last till the afternoon.

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    picked it up. Thanks so much Commtech!! Awesome.
    The B'Omarr Monastery Attack BP is still there @ Brb Target. PM me or Commtech for location. It might not stay long. Both sets look great -not liking the general price hike though.

    did I mention that Commtech is the best?!?!!
    Last edited by bikerscout; 10-21-2008 at 01:00 AM. Reason: commtech has beaten snags & crunchy for once!!!

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