And Comic Packs. $14.19 or some weird price like that. Above 14 definitely though, at both Burbank and Galleria Targets. Disgusting, but probably also temporary until after Turkey Day.

Picked up Cody finally at Burbank today, and Galleria had CW Wave 3 so I got Plo Koon and the two IG-86s. They had two Asajj, two Dooku, and 1 3PO when I left. Didn't like the paint on either Asajj or I'd have gotten one of those also.

IG-86 is a fun droid. Army-builders who like articulation, there you go. Have at them. Ball-hinge hips, shoulders, elbows, ankles... swivel waist, wrists, head... and hinged 'fingers'. Joints all move smoothly, the guns fit well in the hands and on the pack. I wish there were some regular Battle Droids like THIS guy.