Went to the Shrine Auditorium's comic book convention (saw darkagent there). Man, that show gets worse every time. There was hardly any attendance. This has become an "only dealers" show, since it's only dealers buying from other dealers, LOL!! Eric Roberts was there signing autographs and I bet he wasn't happy to be invited to an almost empty show.
Good thing was I found 3 new and sealed Lego sets on sale for my son:

1.- Agents Mobile Command Center (for his Christmas list to Santa)
2.- Indiana Jones Race for the Stolen treasure
3.- SW Hoth Rebel Base

All three cost me a total of $85.00 !!! (these retail for a total of $190 plus tax!!

These, along with the Fisher Price Imaginext Joker, a couple of other things and I'm almost done with my son's Christmas list.