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    Big thanks to Sentry for the Joes w13 stash this morning. Blowtorch is definitely the best of the lot. Not much else I'm looking for right now.

    UPDATE: Lots of new Comic Packs are "In Stock" at HTS. Don't forget HOLIDAY25 coupon.

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    Tomorrow (Fri.) only ACME website is having a 25% sale ironically with Hasbro's same code HOLIDAY25. Enjoy.

    Now for the more important news & sorry for the short notice:

    For the LA/OC area:

    Death Star Sale 2!!!!!!!!!!

    When: this Sat. 12/13 8am - 1pm

    Where: Exit the 5 or 405 at Bake Pkwy. Left on Bake, follow it to Trabuco. Look for directional signs at Trabuco & Bake, Lake Forest, CA

    What: Star Wars, Star Trek, Simpsons, Legos, Halo, etc.

    This will be the garage sale format. Hopefully that will attract more visitors. Loads of SWs. I personally will bring my endor AT-AT, GG shocktrooper bust, KB ROTS Collector's 9 pack, carded & loose figures and more.

    Why: To get great deals on gifts for the family, friends, and yourself!!! It is the will of the force.
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    Huh. I'm originally "from" that area. I moved there when I was 5 and lived there until I was 15.

    I'm in San Diego now - and I don't need any "old stuff" (pre-2008 toys).

    I'm all up-to-date (though I might buy 1 more complete "mint" KENNER Death Star playset from 1979 - or another Rebel Transport craft from 1981). 3 Twin-Pod Cloud Cars (one day) but I will wait to see if Hasbro updates this vehicle finally - perhaps with launching missiles. Then I'd want the new ones!

    I went to Toys R Us today.

    I saw a lady on the phone talking to someone about Star Wars for a purchase for a kids' present. She ended up buying an ARC-170 and V-19. She was looking at Lego Star Wars, too - but opted for Hasbro. I think she thought the Lego stuff was too expensive.

    Another lady was with her son and told him that he had to wait for Christmas, but that today he could have ONE Star Wars action figure. I didn't see what he picked out.

    But the giant whole store front is still ALL Star Wars - just like it was nearly 6 months ago when I took Slicker to my Toys R Us - and it was probably just like it was set up when SirSteve and JediTricks were here. It's cool to see Star Wars so mainstream, still. However, all the stuff is repetative stuff of what most of us bought on July 26.

    Toys R Us did have this Clone Trooper multi-pack and Battle Droid multi-pack. They came with all differently painted troopers and droids (1 Gonk Droid was in the mix, too). I have no use for that stuff, but a kid would probably find it fun. On the back of the box, they had special assignments for each type of character included. Marketing made an effort.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CrunchyNug View Post
    I ran into Chubby13 this morning on my way to work at NoHo Target. As I rounded the action figure isle, I saw him rifling through the SW figs, yet holding onto a leaning tower of GI Joes. I made a little joke about being one step too late, but then he did something that totally surprised me...he asked me what I was looking for. I mentioned a few army builders and then he offered me an Eel. It turns out that he DOES have a soul. He was actually complaining about Hasbro not shipping his stuff in a timely manner and that he had to resort to raiding the shelves at retail

    Hasbro shipping his stuff, my a*$.....As if he had enough funds to have an account with Hasbro. LOL!

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    At Target (La Cienega) today, the Indiana Jones figures were on clearance for $3.80. It looks like they even put out the Last Crusade wave.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkagent View Post
    At Target (La Cienega) today, the Indiana Jones figures were on clearance for $3.80. It looks like they even put out the Last Crusade wave.
    Of course they did, that's why I was there 2 days ago before that happened. *slams head on desk*
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Reminder to check us out Saturday (today!) for DS Sales Plan 2!!!. Read 5 posts back for info. Thanks!!!!!

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    I thought about buying the Indy toys because they are all on clearance now and offered up so cheap. The Target battle packs (Cairo and the LC Tank) are especially tempting. But honestly - even if someone GAVE them to me - where am I going to dedicate any space to them?

    I'm turning down Batman stuff for the same reason.

    Star Wars, Star Trek, Transformers, Terminator - and I don't forsee having any other room for anything else, even when I have my large dream home.

    As a matter of fact: I'll be carefully considering whether I'll buy any new movie Trek or Terminator stuff in 2009. As to Transformers: ROTF - I'll be carefully selective. I want a Leader Class Starscream to be made, though.

    Star Wars? I'm filling in my dioramas and not buying Clone Wars.

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    For all you Lego guys, I found the new Indy Flying Wing and SW ATT and Clone Trooper BP at Monrovia TRU today. Best part was that they rang up at the suggested retail price. No extra dollar or two markup that TRU usually charges. I'd normally get them at the Lego store, but they've been getting these new sets much later than TRU and just couldn't wait.

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    Quote Originally Posted by darkagent View Post
    For all you Lego guys, I found the new Indy Flying Wing and SW ATT and Clone Trooper BP at Monrovia TRU today.
    Awesome! I was hoping the new Indy sets would appear before Christmas. And naturally, I drove by TRU without stopping this afternoon thinking they wouldn't have anything worthwhile. If these sets are in the ad tomorrow, I'm going.

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