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    Quote Originally Posted by Commtech View Post
    Yeah, I tried getting those for you today at Burbank Target, but nothing.
    Thanks bro - if you see 'em, stash 'em!

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    Anyone want these? We can talk about price and if there is anything anyone needs other than this stuff LMK

    POTF2 Y-Wing $40 shipped
    POTJ AT-ST with Speeder $35 shipped
    Window boxed Vader Tie $30 shipped
    Blue Saga Tie Bomber $25 shipped
    Gray Tie Bomber $30 shipped
    Large Winged Gray Tie $40 shipped
    large Winged Blue Tie $35 shipped
    Saga A-wing Window box $25 shipped
    All the ROTS Star fighters, All opened but with boxes $15 Shipped each.
    ROTS Gunship $45 shipped
    POTF2 Skiff $35 shipped
    POTF2 Han and Tauntaun $60 shipped
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkagent View Post
    It's strange how different Targets have different prices. I just picked up the new TFU deluxes for $7.79 regular non-sale price.
    That's the price for the TFA deluxes, not the TFU.

    Quote Originally Posted by bikerscout View Post
    haven't been out hunting in a while. If i wanted to check out that new Universe Hound/ravage, where's my best chance of finding one?
    Target, then WM.

    Also, circuit city is being liquidated and i hear most are in clearance at 10% off. I, like most, will try and go when the discount is deeper. Are there any that are already past 10% off??
    Circuit City is a scam right now, they've raised their prices and then claim they're giving you a discount to the range it was before.

    Quote Originally Posted by figrin bran View Post
    I'm glad that Circuit City on Sunset/Fountain is going away. Worst retail store ever! They're still making you line up just to get in and if it's anything like how they handle Black Friday, they only let around 5 people in at a time.
    That store has always been a skangy rat hole.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JediTricks View Post
    That's the price for the TFA deluxes, not the TFU.
    Nope, sorry to say, but that's the price I picked up the new TFU Cyclonus and Smokescreen for. It was also clearly labeled on the pegs that way too.

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    I saw TFA Deluxes for $10.99 at the Glendale Target so it looks like the prices on those and TFU are varying from store to store.

    I bought CW Padme and Goldie at aforementioned store along with Titanium Fighter Tank and V-19 from La Brea Target.

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    That Cyclonus figure is pretty nice. So are Hound and Ravage.

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    Scored most of the Target Mighty Mugg wave today (thanks to Commtech for the hookup). Just need the Shocktrooper now - if anyone comes across one, please stash.

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    What's up with the Target Excl. Mighty Muggs- they're all repacks, right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jango Speck View Post
    What's up with the Target Excl. Mighty Muggs- they're all repacks, right?
    Threepio, Rex & Cody are repacks, the rest are new.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BlueSnags View Post
    Threepio, Rex & Cody are repacks, the rest are new.

    Just seems stupid to call a repack an Exclusive. Too bad I had to buy 3PO off ebay when it was no longer in stores, same for Lando- so I'm sure he'll show up again.

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