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    Picked up the AT-TE Assault Squad BP and 3 Saga Legends Snowtroopers this morning (Target).

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    Are there still AT-TE's out there in the wild somewhere? I don't see them anywhere anymore.
    All Hail Darth Schmitsky!

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    Burbank TRU had Smurfs Mighty Muggs over in the baby section- except they don't say Mighty Mugg on the box- but if you've seen one, you know what I mean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chaddymac View Post
    Are there still AT-TE's out there in the wild somewhere? I don't see them anywhere anymore.
    The Torrance KMart had one on clearance about a week or so back. If I have time, I'll stop by and check if it's still there and post.

    Still looking for the WM Gunship if anyone sees one around.

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    hey guys, long time no talk
    at the eagle rock target the had TONS of the target exclusive Mighty Muggs.
    the ewok guy, teebo i think
    captain rex
    commander cody
    all with target exclusive stickers
    i dont know why the cody and rex had stickers though

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    Glendale Target had pegs full of fresh CW Waves 3 & 4 -- plenty of each. A couple Grievous TF Crossovers, too.

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    Spacetrooper in stock at

    Free shipping with site to store.

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    Did anyone else order Stratos or the JLU Gotham Criminals from yesterday?

    I only got the JLU figs but they arrived today even though I only paid for UPS ground. Very impressive and even though they're shipped out from Ontario, they didn't lygag in processing the orders like HTS does.

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    Target has the SW Mighty Muggs at the register end cap now. I grabbed one Snowtrooper, left a second one and two Shockies.

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    Last night before closing I picked up the 3 Cantina aliens legacy figures at TRU Van Nuys. There was one more Trinto Duaba, but no Luke, Han, Ben, or Jawa. I was surprised to see them so late in the day. They also had the Clone Wars series of marbles for 3.99. These could be fun for kids to actually play with, but expensive just to have and not that impressive. Kinda of look like a gumball machine toy.

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