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Kat is a FN A-hole! All 3 of us bought all our GG stuff from him. So when the ROTS busts came out he told us he would take care of us like he always had. Well when his cases came in he told me he was keeping one for the SDCC and the other was only to be bought as a case only. He told me Blussnags had 1st dibs them Shark them me. Then he said I could have it if I paid right then and there in cash. I said I wonder what my buddy Snags would say to your offer. I basically told him to Fu-k off. So in return he lost 3 very good customers. Birds of a feather flock together don't they loyal DJ comic fans.......... Oh I don't mean you Ed.
Well I guess it's all in the way you handle situations like that... Back in the day when I was buying my GG bust and all the busts were from him... One time he sold out of the DV and Yoda busts the day he got them. He explained to me that he got shorted from Diamond and just sold them to the first to come in and grab their order... So instead of telling him to "F Off"... I asked him if he knew of anyone else I would be able to grab them from... and guess what! He called a couple of shops for me locally and found me that set! I didn't pay a premium and I had them later that day!