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    Hit Burbank TRU at lunch and grabbed the ESB AT-AT Driver, Snowtrooper, Snowspeeder Luke and the Astromech, along with a CW Aayla. Looks like a Bender has been hitting that store as all the cards on the new figures (CW and Legacy) had a badly bent right corner. Might be one of the workers, as I saw one shady looking guy in a TRU vest fumbling around with the SW figures and when I arrived on the scene he turned tail and headed in a different direction. Chef Boyardee was put out to pasture a long time ago but I noticed today Wormser is still there lurking in the shadows. At any rate, that store is still shady.

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    that ****es me off as much as or more than swapping. You can avoid a swap -simply inspect it & don't buy. You can't avoid a bent card b/c of these DBs. I wish the cashier would bend the crap outta their MOCs when they are buying. They deserve it

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    Found all three wave 3 Secret Wars comic packs at Baldwin Park Target. They were plentiful, if anyone needs them.

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    Saw Clone Wars figs at Los Feliz TRU yesterday afternoon with the Nahdar Vebb figure mail in offer sticker. Just repacks of wave 1 and 2 stuff (Grevious, Dooku, Ani, Obi...) but with the new form. Still have to get a couple more Eopies first. Also had the new deluxe figs. Barc, ATRT, Anakin Skiff thingy. The Anakin, although made up and a rehash of the old Luke skiff, looked pretty cool.

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    for those who don't know, and for those that don't want to buy a figure for it, the Nahdar Vebb mail-in form is available to print @ Hasbro's site. I tried to open it through a hotlink someone left and my computer froze, so be careful.

    btw - Firefox 3.6 loads pages so fast!!! freakin awesome!!

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    I think Maradona found them a few weeks ago but is anyone finding the JLU Metallo, Cyborg and Captain Cold/Captain Boomerang packs?

    At least two local Targets (La Brea, Pasadena) don't have pegs for the packs and the DPCI comes up "item not recognized by the system" when I punch it into the scanners.

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    Occasionally, the DPCI won't bring up info that is in their system, but if you have an employee use a hand scanner or a register, it will come up.
    Darth Vader is becoming the Mickey Mouse of Star Wars.

    Kylo Ren - came from Space Brooklyn, although he moved to Space Williamsburg before it was trendy.

    The use of a lightsaber does not make one a Jedi, it is the ability to not use it.

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    Well FB, I think the real problem is that many Targets have simply discontinued carrying JLU altogether. With limited shelf space these days, it seams that the new Superman toys have edged out the old JLU toys. My local Target on Sepulveda does NOT carry JLU anymore either. They never got the 6-packs at all last Fall...never made any space for them. After the the reset this year, the pegs for the 3-packs never returned. If I punch in the DPCI, it comes up empty too!

    You're just gonna have to find a store that carries the line and stick with it. I've skipped around the Valley a bit recently and have found several stores WITH JLU and several stores WITHOUT JLU. Sucks doesn't it? Some exclusive huh?

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    For some of us, the drive might be prohibitive, but Compton Target, where I found these, had several the day I went. Carson Target, next to IKEA, is not that far from there and I have found things there in the past (once there were 3 Gray Hulks just sitting there at 3PM and they were still there a few days later). I don't get out there too often and haven't been there since the day I found these, but most of the times I have were successful to some extent. As with all runs in our hobby, there is never a guarantee.

    There are too many of us concentrated in the Pasadena-Glendale-Burbank-West Valley sphere of toy sections. We compete with ourselves, other non-forum collectors, and the usual array of scalpers. This often creates the demand to venture to other areas.

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    Just got back from TRU & found one case of ESB wave so I grabbed another Concept Snowie and a Zuckuss. They had some new GI Joe Exclusives too...DOC & Shipwreck in their snow gear, plus the repainted Moccasin which is now called Sting Raider. Not a bad haul!

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