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Took a trip to Los Feliz TRU today and scored a Legends Maul with BG-J38 arm. After getting the EU wave last week and Utris, I picked up 4 repacks during the BOGO sale to make another droid, but couldn't find the 5th, Maul. Glad I found him today.

Target Glendale and Eagle rock had nada new Star Wars. Will they get anything over the summer?
I might have to make a T-shirt saying, "I went to target to get a Star War, and all I got was stabbed in the neck!"
I know that's wrong, sorry Frankie (my friend who was actually stabbed).

They did have new Toy Story 3 and Prince of Persia figs. P of P look cool, some 3 3/4" scale. Could be some Tattoine extras.
Totally wrong, but that made me laugh!