TRU Los Feliz had a bunch of new packaged old CW figures as well as some new Saga Legends - Jango is a mess. They also had 1 new CW Grievous which I bought, this figure is a gummy bear, I have a thread about that in the CW forum. They also had all 4 new vehicles plus duplicates of the Cloud Car and blue tank, I bought the Snowspeeder and Cloud Car, both quite boss and both just a little smaller than the vintage originals (the Cloud Car seems much smaller, but it's really just narrower). The Snowspeeder is very nice, but has 12 stickers for the interior, the nerve!!!

For TF, they had the new Hunt for the Decepticons figures, I bought 1 Dlx Ironhide. They also had just 3 Power Core Combiners 2packs (2 Huffer, 1 Searchlight). Since it was Bogo50%, I decided to risk it and buy another PCC pack, Searchlight. Both these figures suck, plain and simple.

In a few days, I'll have another Grievous, Snowspeeder, and Cloud Car. If anybody wants any/all of these, LMK and we'll work something out. TRU's return policy regarding this BOGO might make things difficult if I break up the set, so I'm not sure what to do yet, but I'd rather one of you guys get that Snowspeeder than a scalper, they're 1 per case and not in either upcoming revision.

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just making sure. Alright. Cool!! Plmk when it comes in. Maybe we can meet at your favorite Los Feliz TRU.
They have shipped. It'll probably be another week, they do something sleazy at UPS basic, they ship it to the city and then hand it over to the local Post Office to process and do final delivery, which tacks on 3 days or so.