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It was indeed Starscream, I have mine right here on my desk, and Bikerscout's is still in box. Oddly, the tape they used on the packaging for both is very weak and coming off in spots. And TRU used zero packing materials, thanks so much there, jerks.

Screamer is very cool, I'll post a review in the TF thread later today.

Bikerscout, please PM me when you have an idea of when you want to get together.
JT, you want to hear about TRU.com's poor packing, I got the CW Mando Officer yesterday. Originally I ordered him with Dengar during the BOGO sale. Dengar turned out to not be in stock but they still gave me the Mando Officer for half off.

So he came in a padded mailer and the card got bent and crushed. The mailer had no extra tape to seal it either.