Los Feliz TRU had TVC General Grievous, I bought him. Someone returned a CW Bly figure with a TVC UPC inside the bubble to get that $2.50 difference, very sleazy, I stashed just in case. Transformers they had a few Breachers, I stashed one. Masterpiece Grimlock, I stashed too. Any stashings, please PM me and state which, they're in different places.

Burbank TRU - nada. Culver City TRU - Pre Vizsla, forgot to stash. La Cienega TRU - nada. Culver City Target - nada. Culver City Ross - nada. La Cienega Target - nada. La Brea Target - nada, but they lowered their insanely high prices on Saga Legends with a "price cut", while raising the price on Clone Wars figures. Classy.

Today was a lot of driving.

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Clever, JT!
It's really just a simplification. One way or another, that money and stuff would be used to order one. If I order it, no matter the condition it arrives I'll be opening it, and someone else who has a damaged one is still stuck with a damaged package. This way, I am giving them the chance to get a better one, and I get the one I want.

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JT, I still have another one coming to me sometime in the near future hopefully so I may take you up on the offer.

So on the one that I opened up, the paint apps aren't perfect. The brown on the belt was a bit uneven.
Ok, LMK.

The brown on the belt on the left leg on mine is thinner than the rest. Is that what you mean, or is yours just sloppy?