I had no problem getting Jodo Kast at my Sears Essentials. There were plenty of him. I just bought one, not being sure if I'd want more.

I haven't gone back to that store since. It was an easy find though. There must have been a dozen of them or more.

I got my 7" Diamond ROMULAN figure from BBTS in the mail today. He's awesome. He is dressed in the blue Romulan uniform though, as they are now showing him (the single-carded figure). Captain Kirk in the 2-pack with Spock is also in the blue Romulan uniform. However, I have a picture from SirSteve's that he took at ToyFair with a Romulan in his red uniform (presumably representing the commander played by Mark Leonard) but he is no where to be found for purchasing. WTH? I really also wanted a red Romulan uniform in my 7" collection. ???