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JT -- could u pls post a pic of how Cody's belt should look to be correct. This is really confusing. & when i buy him I want to make sure i get the right one.

c'mon, go get those stashes JT -- you make a good run out of it -there's a BB, TRU and wally there. Also, pick up stix, in & out, islands etc.
Look at the belts in the pics in these... Cody wrong:

Cody right:

I am familiar with the area, they also have a Souplantation that gets unholy busy. But it's a big run out of my region and I've had really bad luck finding stuff up there the past 2 years. Plus, Target will have them for $10 instead of WM/TRU's $12 soon enough, and then I'll have wasted all that gas money plus $4.40 w/tax.

BTW, there's a Rally's in Culver City and here in Los Feliz (actually across the 5 in Atwater), and there's a Wendy's here in Los Feliz, another in Hollywood, one in Burbank... there's a lot of Wendy's, but IMO they've lost their appeal.