Dirty Duarte WM had Jabba's Throne, and Saga Legends on clearance for $3.50, I bought their 2 Battle Droid small-eye sets.

Duarte Target had... Goji and Ki-Adi-Mundi, I think.

Monrovia TRU had 2x Hyena Bombers and 1 new AAT.

Pasadena Target had 2x CW Fire Troopers and the Geonosian R2 & 3PO 2pack, I bought them.

Los Feliz TRU had zip.

Geonosian 2pack R2 & 3PO are interesting, R2 is a new mold, has a cutter tool arm and a new door design with tech details inside, and the back door has a new winch with hook and more detail inside. The figure is almost the same height as the VOTC mold. The dome is also new and has an odd clear radar eye and isn't chromed.

3PO has 4-LOM's arms and legs, and a new torso and head(s).

BTW, this wave of Geonosis 2packs are apparently a fairly limited run, so get 'em while you see 'em.