nothing new out there...but I was thinking about the nicknames....I can only imagine what people think of others in the store at ant given time. I am sure that over the years of star wars collecting, a lot of people i am sure have looked at me strange or have thought who knows about me. I can live with it.
Like I said, I am curious as to who can actually make money reselling toys in todays economy. I don't think it is just a case of buying and re-selling toys for a few bucks. I mean it has to have some tight margins. SO, is it more like an addiction? In which case, then i can at least relate to one of these dudes. He just likes buying toys, but can't really afford to.
I could care less about insulting anyone...too badly, anyway. I am curious as to the psychology of it all.
I have what I am looking to collect, so I am bored, waiting for a Jabba's sail barge or something cool to come out.
Shoot give me a sail barge, a death star, and a jabba's palace, and I would probably be done collecting!
Happy collecting