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    No guards at Pan c. walmart. They did have an overload of ROTS wave though. Tons of sandtroopers too. I think they were 6.96, but i didn't scan. All other figs were $6. Not a good stash but, there is at least 1 CW Embo and 1 shaak ti below the pegs, resting on the shelf all the way toward the back if anyone wants em.

    Got other items i needed and got screwed in line at checkout. I'll save the story for later - short on time right now. I know why it's figrin's faaaaaaavorite store.

    almost forgot -- glendale target had many of the new dlx TFs and on sale for $9. Skullgrin, thunderwing, WFC cliffjumper, generations Dirge. No Blurr though. Really disappointing -if 1 db scalper got them all if he even was stocked
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