At Target I got the new Clone Wars figures:

Hevy in Training Armor
New Obi-Wan (x 2 I think)
New Cad Bane with Techno Service Droid
Ahsoka's R7 Droid

I missed Hondo Ohnaka if he's shipping. I could use one more - which my SD trading buddy Tony owes me anyway.

I offered most of my new figures to him.

I know I want Hevy, however, I think a BattlePack with all Domino Squad (Hevy, Fives, Echo, and Cut-up - and I think there's one more guy) will come out by 2012.

I may give up Hevy to Tony (or the boards if he doesn't want these figures), and either buy Hevy alone off eBay or an etailer in a year from now, or get him in the probable battle pack. Any duplicate pack-in (Bric, Shaak-Ti, or El-Res) I could use an extra of anyway.

Or maybe I'll just save Hevy and offer him up later when I see if he's duplicated in the battlepack. Hevy has "1" on his chest armor. Echo, Fives, Cut-Up - they have 2, 3, 4 etc. on their armor. That's about the only difference, though Cut-Up might have a goatee. I forget.

Sure you could customize them - but you'll need 4-5 clones of Hevy anyway, and the others are likely coming and will cost the same as buying 4-5 Hevys. So what's the rush?