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    Quote Originally Posted by Turbowars View Post
    Man I was just popping in to see if anyone has scored around town and was looking at a few of the post counts on some of you and JT has over 32,000 posts? How hell did that happen? Looks like some of us have been here for 10-11 years. I don't post much anymore because Hasbro is just a filler these days, but I do remember some good times here.
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    Not much new, but the Hemet Target had a huge number of Reveal the Shield Perceptors, if anyone is able and willing to make that drive.
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    Crickets. I guess nothing is being found.

    Are you pullin rank on us JT??

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    Saw a couple of R5-D4's and an army of Han Solo with Medal and Eating Disorder at the Redlands Wal-Mart last night. No one else from the wave, though.
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    This might be old news, but I saw the Warlord JLU 3-pack for the first time today and scooped it up. That must mean the Gray Ghost set is out there somewhere, too.

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    Are you kidding me no one has seen any new OT Vintage in the valleys??????
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    If the San Gabriel Valley counts, I picked up the entire last wave, along with the corrected card DS II Luke at Azusa WM, with some of them still unpunched. I also scored 2 more Cobra Shock Troops and another Low Light at Rosemead WM.

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    Nahhhh everythings dry in the valley ive seen a few scraps of wv 5 here and there at target. On a better note though. I recieved my order from HTS on fri, turbo speeder and the whole wv of aotc was unpunched so big score there. i got the first variation of the senate gaurd card the close up pic one. also found both new target twopacks today. Special ops and Waxer. Now where is JESSE W/ that darn barc ??????? i havent seen him anywhere has anyone else? I remember he was starting to be found back in early jan. WHERE IS HE???

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    I'm seeing the occasional R5-D4 or Han in the Valley... the Coachella Valley, that is.
    That's my jacket!

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    I need a stash of a couple of Gamorreans, please. Of course they can be in different locations and from different members. Preferably in the valley area close to Burbank. I just can't find these damn things! Thank you!!

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