Target Culver City, CW Hevy, passed at their insane $9+ pricing. This is out of hand.

Montebello WM, nada, sad state of affairs there, they need to get a new department team, that section is the only poorly-run section in the whole store (from the front end).

Baldwin Park WM, nothing of significance, some of the newish CW figs that nobody gives a crap about.

Target W.Hollywood, picked up the only Droid Gunship despite their insane $30 pricing - it's been out for 4+ months and the first time I saw it, so I freaked. So new, it wasn't in their system yet.

Finally got Transformers Lugnut from HasbroToyShop, and got Tron & Tron Legacy Blu-ray from Amazon in the mail, and a Zeppelin album (Physical Graffiti remastered), and an ALEX 30oz metal bottle (I drink a lot of water, use up those 1l plastic bottles like crazy, the empties even crushed down take up a lot of space, while this metal bottle is the first to unscrew in the middle for easy cleaning), and an HTC Evo 4g (so very much phone), and a Leviton 20-amp GFCI for the bathroom. This wasn't all at once, I've just been really busy and haven't had a chance to check in.